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Attention Page Owners! Facebook now Require SSL Certificates

As of October 1, a secure URL is mandatory. Page tabs not hosted securely will no longer be displayed to users browsing under HTTPS. Equally crucial, new tabs cannot be added without a secure version of the site too.


What is going on?

Back in February of this year, Facebook introduced the “Secure Browsing (HTTPS)’ option. Since then, users were warned when browsing any insecure page tab content. Nonetheless, they were given the choice to keep browsing.


Why is Facebook doing this?

This requirement will protect the privacy of its users. Identity theft and hijacking were becoming easier and easier through the former system. Despite your Facebook login being secure to such attack, this was not necessarily the case with applications such as games or fan pages. That is why Facebook now require all tab content to have the Secure Socket Layer Certificate (SSL).


How does this affect my Business?

If your Facebook page contains embedded content that is hosted outside of Facebook, you will need an SSL Certificate (This includes embedded content from your website). This can be purchased from the many certificate providers available online. Furthermore, this will also involve making changes to the links on your page tab. These changes must also be reflected on your website by updating all  links, scripts and images that point to unsecure address. A further hurdle is that for an SSL Certificate, you will need a static IP address.


How we can help

We are proud to announce that Turn On Social now offer a complete package that will seamlessly bring your website and Facebook tab up to speed with SSL. We take care of everything – include acquiring and installing certificates, updating links and content. In less than 1 week we can have your Facebook tab back up and running.

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