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How To Avoid Account Hijacking – Twitter Phishing Spreads Rapidly

There is currently an epidemic spreading through Twitter.

Have you seen direct messages like this?

Check out this picture scam

Check out this bad blog on you Scam




These are actually a series of hijackings that act pretty much like a virus.


How the virus works:

1. A user enters their username + password into a fake website designed to look just like Twitter

always check the domain


2. The virus then logs into their account and sends Direct Messages (DM) to all that users followers

hacked account sending DMs







3. Successfully transmitted, the process starts all over again when the next person gives away their details. Even more frightening is that now that the hackers have this database of Usernames and Passwords, they can use them for fraudulent purposes.


Help, I’ve been hijacked!
If you have been a victim of this attack, don’t panic, we can fix this in 2 simple steps:
1. Change the password on your account:
2. Revoke any applications you don’t recognise from here:

(If you want to see what else you can do, twitter have a handy page)


How do I prevent my account from getting hijacked?
Firstly, be cautious of any links you find on Twitter. Just clicking links will not hijack your account, but giving your Twitter login details will.


Whenever presented with a Twitter screen, you need to double check it’s the real thing. Look at the address bar to verify the domain is

always check the domain


Always check the domain

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